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buying and selling estate jewelery

americanacash pays over melt price high end resalabe jewelery.

buying and selling diamonds

have your diamonds apprasied by master jeweler Thomas Tadsen

44 years customer service

I sold my parents estate to Americanash they bouught about everything of value gold, diamonds, silver , platinum, tools electronics, musicial equipment. excellent service 

buying and selling up to date electronics

americanacash buys and sells current computers and tvs and stereos

buying vintage guitars

gibson fender martin gretsch paul reed les paul stratocaster thunderbird exlorer 

buying and selling high end watches

rolex patek phillip bretling omega waltham elgin rockford pocket watches railroad watches

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buying and selling wrist watchesand pocket watches

we buy high end jewely watches rolex patek phillip diamonds platinum gold and silver

custom made one of a kind jewelry

buying and selling gold silver diamonds and platinum in same location for 44 years Thomas Tadsen .Master jeweler diamond broker jewelry designer jeweler repair jewelry manufacturing  jewelry apprasials buying  selling tools gold silver platinum coins buying  selling tools gold silver platinum in Toledo in Toledo buying selling musicial instruments guitars coins buying selling musicial instruments guitars in Toledo in Toledo AmericanaCash in Toledo

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